The Toronto Star put together a really interesting and (depressing) article about Trump’s supporters and their embrace of his pathological lying.

Some key points from the article (We recommend that you read it in its entirety. However, we will pre-warn you, it is depressing):

Some of Trump’s voters are finding comfort in the fact that Trump is making other Americans crazy:

“Jame Cassidy is hurting, and he wants powerful people to hurt too.
“He’s ruffling every feather in Washington that he can ruffle. These guys are scrambling. So: yeah! I like it. I think it’s a good thing. I want to see them jump around a little bit,” Cassidy, 58, said on Tuesday.
He was happy the president lied.

Many Republicans Believe Donald Trump

Two polls this week found that about 60 per cent of Republicans believe the inaccurate wiretapping claim is accurate. And interviews about that claim with 25 of his supporters in Newark and Zanesville, a humble city of 25,000 a half-hour to the east, suggest he might not have irked even the people who think he’s wrong.
The challenge for Trump opponents is not merely that many Trump supporters believe his false claims. It is that supporters are willing to explain away the claims they don’t think are fully accurate.

Trump Is Feeding Into America’s Distrust Of Institutions

Charlie Sykes, the Trump critic and former conservative talk radio host in Wisconsin, says there is an “alternative reality bubble” within the right, created in part by conservative media. Trump, he said, is both developing and exploiting this “post-truth environment,” elevating once-fringe conspiracy theorists and propagandists who will then amplify his lies.