Trump’s Spiritual Advisor: Trump Dreamed Of Building Crystal Cathedral For God


Paula White-Cain, a new member of Trump’s administration, said that Trump once dreamed of building a glass cathedral.

Pastor Paula White-Cain, President Donald Trump’s personal spiritual advisor and new member of his administration, told “Fox & Friends” that Trump dreamed of building her a glass cathedral, something that she believes could still be a possibility, according to Yahoo Finance

The televangelist befriended Trump in 2002 and said that Trump was inspired by a 2006 Newsweek cover that featured the Crystal Cathedral, a 78,000-square-foot glass church in Garden Grove, California. 

“He is such a great builder,” she said on Sunday. “He sent the article to me and he said, ‘Let’s do this before we both get too old.’”

“I think God maybe had other plans,” she continued. “We need him as president. He is fearless, he is fighting for this country.”

The preacher, a millionaire who never graduated from seminary, has been credited as having “personally led [Trump] to Christ.” While in New York, Trump reportedly attended services held by White. 

During Trump’s presidential campaign, White served in Trump’s evangelical advisory board, but now regularly facilitates conservative pastors’ meetings with the administration and has recently, and officially, joined the White House staff as a faith adviser.

White has been labeled as a heretic by other evangelicals who accuse her of preaching the prosperity gospel, which suggests that wealth and health are guaranteed to those who practice their faith in the right way, yet she has denied all claims. 

She told “Fox & Friends” that her new role will have her advancing the “faith agenda of all faiths, of all people,” as well as helping the Trump administration’s goals of “alleviating poverty, strengthening families, building better communities.”

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