Trump’s Speakerphone Conversation With Senator Caught On Tape At DC Restaurant

Screengrab / NBC News / YouTube

Julie Zheng

Trump has defended his support to the Confederate-named bases.

President Donald Trump’s call with Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) Wednesday evening was recorded and released to the New York Times, according to RawStory.

  • Maggie Haberman wrote in the New York Times, “the conversation, overheard and recorded by someone in the room, ranged from a discussion about Anthony Tata, the retired Army brigadier general whose nomination for a top Pentagon policy position has become complicated, to Mr. Trump’s desire to preserve the name of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate general, on a military base.”
  • Inhofe promised Trump that he will keep the names of “military forts and bases.” Earlier this month, the Senate passed a provision to rename the base with the vote of 86-14, despite Trump’s threatened veto.
  • They then discussed “Cancel Culture” and Trump said that people “want to be able to go back to life,” while downplaying Americans’ increasing opposition to overt racism. Inhofe told Trump that he “is not a believer in ‘Cancel Culture.’”

In the phone call, they could also be heard discussing the possibility of someone “resigning” and how to put them in another appointment. This appeared to be about Gen. Tata, whose nomination to a Pentagon job was stalled due to his fomenting Twitter post about Muslims and description of former President Barack Obama as a “terrorist leader.”

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