Trump’s Sister Retires As Judge To End Inquiry Into Alleged Tax Fraud

Screengrab / MSNBC / Youtube

Judge Maryanne Trump Barry retired from the bench to end inquiries into alleged tax fraud with her siblings.

Maryanna Trump Barry, the older sister to President Donald Trump, has retired from her position as a federal appellate judge, The New York Times reports. The announcement puts an end to an investigation into whether she, with her siblings, broke judicial conduct rules by engaging in fraudulent tax schemes. The investigation began as a result of complaints made last October following a special investigation by The New York Times that concluded that the Trump family had participated in suspicious tax schemes in the 1990s. Their actions included several occasions of outright fraud that "greatly increased the inherited wealth of Mr. Trump and his siblings."

The 82-year-old sister to Donald Trump has not heard cases in over two years but still held a position as an inactive senior judge. In a letter on February 1, a court official alerted the people the filed the complaints that an inquiry was "receiving the full attention" of a court conduct council. Less than two weeks later, Judge Barry filed papers for retirement.

Because retired judges are not subject to court conduct guidelines, her retirement has rendered the inquiry moot. As a result, the four individuals who raised complaints were informed last week that the investigation had been dropped without any definite conclusions on the validity of the allegations. The decision is not yet public, but two complainants, both in legal professions, provided the newspaper with copies.

Judge Barry has not responded to phone or email inquiries. In retirement, she is entitled to receive an annual salary of between $184,500 and $217,600.

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