Trump’s Pick For Top U.N. Migration Role Appears To Despise Migrants

If elected, Ken Isaacs' mission would be to promote "humane and orderly migration".

Ken Isaacs, the man President Donald Trump nominated to serve as director general of the UN's International Organization for Migration appears to loathe migrants and hold anti-Muslim views, according to posts he has shared on social media.

CNN's KFile previously reported on tweets from Isaacs that revealed an extensive history of sharing anti-Muslim sentiment. The screenshots provide the most robust picture of his social media activity and a wider window into his views refugees, Islam and climate change -- issues that would be central to his responsibilities in his potential posting at the United Nations.

Isaacs, who works in relief efforts for the Christian non-profit Samaritan's Purse, was nominated in February to serve as director general of the UN's International Organization for Migration, a 169-member group whose mission it is to promote "humane and orderly migration" through assistance to both governments and migrants.

According to CNN's collection of his tweets, Isaacs' personal views on refugees and Muslims potentially could work against his mission, should he be confirmed:

  • In May 2016, Isaacs responded to a tweet saying refugees should be viewed as an asset saying, "refugees with other worldviews won't be the same as other immigrants."
  • Also in May 2016, Isaacs said that Austria and Switzerland should consider building a wall in the Alps to "control their borders from refugees."
  • In May 2017, Isaacs shared a link to an article saying Islam was not a religion of peace and warned that during Ramadan, "Muslims fast, they also blast."
  • In July 2016, after a terrorist attack in Nice, France, Isaacs tweeted out "Nice #Islam is not peaceful" next to a picture from the attack of a covered dead body next to a child's doll.
  • In September 2016, Isaacs tweeted that "All #Islamic #terrorists literally follow #Islam."
  • In March 2017, Isaacs tweeted a link to a meme titled "What Countries Look Like Before And After Islam," which included pictures of Iran and Afghanistan in the 1970s (despite Islam being the majority religion in both countries at that time), as well as a picture of white shoppers in London in 1980, juxtaposed with a picture of women wearing hijabs in 2012.
  • In January 2016, he compared Islam to the People's Temple, a cult founded by Jim Jones responsible for the mass murder-suicide of nearly all of its members in Guyana in 1978.

In response to previous reporting on his social media posts, Isaacs said he shares "many things to stimulate conversation" but has "never shown discrimination against anybody, for anything".

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof vouched for Isaacs, saying he has "utterly admired his humanitarianism" despite disagreeing with him politically:

"Far from being an ideologue in his humanitarian work, Ken is a supreme pragmatist in his work to save lives, willing to work with anyone -- even liberal New York Times columnists -- to get the job done."

IOM members will vote on Isaacs' appointment in June, and he will need two-thirds of the vote to assume the position.

If elected, Issacs (sic) will oversee an organization that is actively involved in resettling refugees, many of them Muslim, who have fled from the war torn regions of Iraq and Syria.