Trump’s Niece Claims He Took Advantage Of ‘Mentally Impaired’ Father For Money

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Sarah Shaiman

President Trump's niece claims the president conned her late grandfather out of his fortune at the end of his life.

President Donald Trump’s niece claims that the president took advantage of his mentally impaired father in order to cut the children of his deceased brother out of his father’s will, clearing up more money for Donald Trump and his living siblings, according to the Daily Mail.

  • Mary Trump claims Donald Trump and his siblings “lied during the probate for Fred Sr’s estate by saying he had ‘not a scintilla of diminished capacity’ when he changed the will in 1991 at the age of 85.”
  • Mary and Fred III, Trump’s niece and nephew, claim doctors said their grandfather already had signs of dementia at the time the will was changed. 
  • Mary and Fred III also had their health insurance cut off after they challenged the will. 
  • Mary claims she has physical evidence to prove that Donald Trump conned his father out of his fortune. 
  • Court documents suggest that Fred Sr.’s mental capacity could have been further impaired by the use of alcohol.

The long time dispute resurfaced after Mary Trump’s new book gained traction. It is set to release this August. 

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