Trump's New Overtime Proposal Would Deny Overtime To 8.2M Americans

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Only 15% of workers would be protected from working 60 hours a week without additional pay.

The Department of Labor recently released a "proposal to set the salary threshold under which almost all workers are entitled to overtime pay to $679 per week, or $35,308 for a full-year worker, in 2020," according to the Economic Policy Institute.

But if the proposal is implemented, it would deny approximately 8.2 million additional workers, who would have received overtime protection and benefits under Obama's 2016 Labor Department proposal, overtime.

The Obama administration Labor Department raised the salary threshold to $47,476 in 2016, but months later, in November 2016, a Texas district court judge blocked the implementation of the rule nationwide.

Since the Obama administration's proposal was struck down in 2016, employers can force people earning as little as $455 per week or $23,660 annually to work over 60 hours a week with no additional pay than if they worked for 40 hours.

In the 8.2 million left behind, 4,2 million are women, 3.0 million are people of color, 2.7 million are parents of young children, and 4.7 million do not have a college degree.

Trump's Labor Department new, lower threshold implies that the one set in 2016 was too high, but, the EPI reports, data does not support this argument.

"The 2016 rule was well within historical norms; in fact, it would have covered far fewer workers than the threshold had covered in the past,” the EPI found. “In 1975, more than 60 percent of full-time salaried workers earned below the threshold.4 By 2016, the share of full-time salaried workers covered by the threshold had dropped to less than 7 percent.”

The EPI continued,“The 2016 rule would have just partially restored this coverage, to roughly 33 percent. The Trump proposal would cover less than half of the workers covered by the 2016 rule, just 15 percent.”

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Antony Chavez
Antony Chavez

Trump just Killed His Base on this Statement,.......He's Lost,...!


#Yang2020 #YangBeatsTrump Http://


everyone needs to refuse to work past 40 hours then. See how fast the company goes out of business.


They'll fill the jobs under two circumstances: 1) most of those suffering from this proposal's out come are black and POC and 2) more businesses move near farming communities there they'll find plenty of land and plenty of desperate people.


For all the people comment negatively on this, look at the SOURCE: GOP Debate 2015. Now someone confirm its true what he said in 2015


Federal Law says over 40 Hrs, you get time and a half. Don't fall for crap that says from 2015. Trump wasn't even President. The economy is better than ever.


Lies lies lies. You are not intitled to OT if you salery you never ever have gotten overtime ever because your are payed at a higher rate and if you go over 40 you are to cut your hours in that week. Now their is NO job under 45,000 a year would be salery. Love how uniformed people are. Right now very few companies are giving OT to their non salery because of the wage hike. It is still being given out only if they have no other choice. Beside if they want to change the OT pay after 40 and I am still getting payed who cares goes to 60 as long as I am making my pay in those 20 hours. I dont believe they should up your fulltime satatues. To 60 hour leave it at 32 and 40. Beside sooner get my normal pay for extra 20 hours then not get it at all. Beside when you are getting OT you are taxed at much much higher rate so in the end they take more out . Their is half truths in the article. You have never gotten PAYED OVERTIME IF YOU ARE SALERIED unless the employer said so.


So it affects 8.2 million... And those are 4.2+3+2.7+4.7=14.6 not 8.2. Kind of hard to believe this garbage if they can't do simple math.


The sad thing is it’s not that Trump is good it’s that the Democrats are so bad.

The wealthy hold their wealth in overvalued stock so you can’t tax them until they sell their stock.

If you keep letting them build foundations as a loophole to shelter their cash you can’t tax them.

It is Congress that makes the law not the president.

The president can veto a bill but Congress can override the veto with a two thirds vote.

No one has destroyed America more than the stupid and corrupt American people themselves.

The government is nothing but a reflection of We the People and the corruption that fills it exists because we the people are corrupt.

There should be a massive firing of all incumbents at the next elections for the job they have been doing but there won't be.

We should be raising up third party candidates not sold out to corporations but we won't.

We should be neutering corrupt laws with Jury Nullification but we won't.

Unfortunately the corruption is not only in the government that sells the lies and promises but it is also in We the People that buy into the lies and promises.

The real slave masters use sold out politicians to make their great fortune even greater.

Trump is just being Trump, the nation hires or I should say the electoral college hires a TV Reality Show Star to be president and expects different.

Basically he got hired because people were looking for someone to make a deal.

Basically a deal for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Thus MAGA Make America Great Again: Life, Liberty The Pursuit of Happiness

The problem is that Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness means different things to different people.

Sadly the USA has been sold out a long time ago by both Democrat and Republican parties and is now living on Borrowed Money and Borrowed Time.

I didn't vote for Trump in the first place I voted for Hillary and I wish she would run again because what we have now unfortunately makes Trump look like a good leader.

I couldn't believe that Trump won and he only won because of the electoral college and the number of people that have become totally disillusioned with this country.

The biggest problem is that this realty tv show megalomaniac is making more sense than these lunatics running in the Democrat party.

His demise is that his over inflated ego can't stay away from twitter.
Personally I really don't care if they impeach him because Mike Pence would more than likely be a better president.

But I really doubt much will come of it because they really don't want to get that ball rolling when they all probably have skeletons in their closet.

I have always been a proud Democrat and I always felt that the Democrats were for the people and the Republicans were for the oligarchy.

Unfortunately my party today is coming out with an unsustainable platform.

The Republican platform does need reform but it at least with Crony Capitalism We the People may be indentured servants but we are not the property of the state.

With the Republicans you get Crony Capitalism or Corporatism where a select few control all of the wealth and the rest are slaves, criminals or dead.

With the Democrats you get Socialism where a select few control all of the wealth and the rest are slaves, criminals or dead.

The US could make a real change if we the people would raise up patriots in third parties and vote out every incumbent sold out to special interests at every election or corrupt laws could be neutered by jury nullification but unfortunately that is not happening.

The corruption is not only in the government that sells the lies and promises but it is also in We the People that buy into the lies and promises.

You can't compete with countries that allow slave labor and the freedom to cut costs polluting due to little or no regulations.

The only way to compete with a third world country is to become a third world country.

If you think paying more for your goods is an inconvenience just wait and see how inconvenient it is when your whole economy collapses.

How did Americans ever get to be so stupid, they are not using your tax dollars they are borrowing on your economy.

This is how the rich and powerful elites rob, rape and pillage countries

Borrowing your country into trillions of dollars in debt does not strengthen an economy it destroys it.

Socialism doesn't work but neither does Corporatism, it is hate and greed that is bringing mankind to either Revelations or extinction.

In order to have a strong economy you must have a strong working class with people working in good paying jobs. That builds the community necessary to invest, buy goods, services and pay taxes.

We don't have a strong economy anymore, what we have is a House of Cards economy bubbled up by the Fed with monopoly money to give the illusion of a strong economy.

Only companies that are paying decent wages should get tax breaks because they are increasing the tax revenue and companies that pay so little that their employees need government assistance should be made to pay dearly.

Ross Perot warned of the big sucking sound with free trade agreements while our so called leaders promised prosperity for all.

The whole plan of those hiding behind the curtain is to destroy nations, crash economies, shut down free speech, flood the world with refugees, gang members and terrorists then get the people to beg to have their rights and freedoms taken away in order to be safe

There are powers that be who want you to be a slave, a criminal or dead and they don't care about your race, color, creed or sex.

The End Game is the greatest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen to a very select few that will drive mankind to the brink of extinction fighting over it.

They already have the poor and the middle class, those who think they are the 1% will be in for the biggest surprise of all.

Oh how we care, yet we never dare look to the heart of the matter.
How men of great greed, get what they need, purses that only get fatter.

The Optimist
The Optimist

Are you kidding? His base is stupid and he can tell them the sky is fuchsia and they will believe him. They're going to vote this a****** back into office anyway. He's working on taking away education for the children so they'll be too stupid to know that they're living outside and are homeless, he's going to take away jobs because after a while you'll be working for nothing, and everybody will be living outside except for the very rich.His base votes for him and not themselves becausethey think someone will take away their so called privilege. It's too stupid.

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