Trump’s New Doctor Allegedly Doled Out Prescription Drugs Like They Were “Candy”

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Ronny Jackson is returning to the White House as he faces an ongoing Pentagon probe into his professional conduct.

Ronny Jackson, the White House physician who made headlines last year when he pronounced President Donald Trump to be in “excellent” health and subsequently was accused of unethical behavior, is headed back to the White House, according to Dallas News.

Jackson, who also served under former President Barack Obama, withdrew himself as Trump’s pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs last year after reports he doled out prescriptions “like candy” — which resulted in an ongoing Pentagon investigation.

But now, a list of executive office appointments released on Saturday reveals that Jackson will return as Trump’s senior medical adviser.

The native of Levelland, who graduated from Texas A&M University and earned a medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch, has long disputed allegations involving his professional conduct that are the subject of an ongoing Pentagon investigation.

Wyoming Democratic Sen. Jon Tester released a list of allegations last year while Jackson was up for the Veterans Affairs position, saying witnesses told him Jackson handed out prescriptions "like candy" and would roam the aisles during long airplane flights saying, "All right, who wants to go to sleep?" as he provided Ambien and other drugs, according to CNN.

Jackson called the allegations “false and fabricated” last year, but the Pentagon said the investigation opened last June is still ongoing.

A White House official quoted anonymously in the Post said Jackson would not be the president's chief physician and that Trump believes Jackson was treated unfairly last year.


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