Trump’s New Campaign Adviser Thinks HIV/AIDS Is God’s Punishment For Homosexuals

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Jenna Ellis has attacked Pete Buttigieg, a gay man, for claiming to be a Christian and railed against same-sex marriage.

President Donald Trump’s new campaign adviser is a right-wing news pundit and former constitutional law attorney who has made no effort to hide her anti-LGBT view, according to Pink News — including her belief that HIV and AIDS are God’s punishment for homosexuals.

Jenna Ellis reportedly made a significant impression on Trump, who not only wanted to bring her into his campaign but also floated the idea of inviting Ellis into the White House. Axios reported that the president was particularly impressed with her TV appearances.

In her writings and on social media, Ellis has been open about her views on homosexuality, at one point last year blasting Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for calling himself a Christian.

“If Pete Buttigieg is going to invoke the name of his Creator, he should read for himself what his Creator says about homosexuality in the Bible,” she wrote. “Truth doesn’t change, regardless of the culture or the Dems’ identity politics.”

Pink News also noted Ellis’ response to the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S., at which time she decried the Supreme Court’s decision as telling “the LGBT community that their homosexual lifestyle was not just legal privately, but morally validated openly through government recognition and social celebration and therefore equally as valued as heterosexual unions.”

Following the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Florida in 2016, Ellis worried that in response to the tragedy, too many people were warming up to gay rights.

“Let me be clear,” she said. “The Orlando shooting was absolutely terrible and tragic. But the response to this tragedy should not be embracing and advocating for gay rights.”

Ellis has also worked to thwart conversion therapy bans, Pink News reported, “testifying in 2019 at a Colorado House committee hearing against a bill protecting youth from the harmful and discredited practice.”

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Gee she's a blond too?


I wonder what drugs shes medicating herself with. A grown woman who thinks like a fanatical moron cant say such things just because she came from under a rock.

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