Trump’s Kids Are Accused Of Duping Thousands In Bogus Marketing Scheme

Screengrab / CNN / YouTube

Ivanka, Don, and Eric were reportedly heavily involved in their father’s scam which defrauded thousands of people.

According to Detroit News, Donald Trump’s three oldest children, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump were all involved in a marketing scam headed by their father.

Using a marketing firm titled ACN Inc., the Trump family promoted numerous business opportunities which prompted people to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the firm.

The children and their father allegedly endorsed the firm by appearing in social media posts and through appearances on “The Apprentice.”

In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege that the family used the Trump brand “to defraud consumers who were inspired by Trump’s apparent wealth and success.”

Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, also wrote about the use of branding and celebrity in getting others to work with the Trump brand in her book.

The Trumps allegedly earned millions in dollars from this scheme while their investors were stuck with losses.

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