Trump’s IRS Commissioner Is Making Money From Trump-Branded Properties

Screengrab / Senator Sheldon Whitehouse / YouTube

Trump’s IRS commissioner, Charles Rettig, has made $1M in rental income from the Trump-branded properties he co-owns.

According to Citizens for Ethics, Charles Rettig, the IRS Commissioner under Trump, nets about $1 million a year in rent from various Trump-branded properties he co-owns. The House Ways and Means Committee has ordered the IRS to turn over Trump’s tax returns. However, the agency has yet to comply. Rettig has said that he will work with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to decide whether it is appropriate to do so.

When Retting was initially nominated, he failed to disclose that he had purchased a 50% stake in two units at the Trump International Waikki in 2006, which Trump likely profited from. The Trump Organization does not own the hotel but it earned 10% of total pre-sales according to its branding agreement. Rettig reported that he earns between $100,000 and $1 million in income from the two units and are valued around $1.2 million, records indicate.

This Trump-affiliated ownership raises a slew of ethical questions as Trump continues to pressure Rettig not to reveal the President’s tax returns. These documents would help the public understand if Trump is using the Oval Office to boost his wealth. However, it’s important to examine whether Rettig is basing his decision on the President’s tax returns on public interest or his own financial interests.

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