Trump’s Golf Club Made Undocumented Immigrants Work Overtime Without More Pay

Screengrab / TYT Nation / Youtube

The Trump Organization is reportedly underpaying undocumented immigrants and subjecting them to other illegal practices.

Illegal workers reportedly worked without pay in at least one golf course owned by the Trump Organization, according to an investigation by the Washington Post.

The allegations are now being investigated by the New York Attorney General. A spokesperson for that office said they had received complaints from Trump’s former and current employees, but declined to elaborate.

Part of the inquiry alleges that illegal employees were paid for their official work, but were then told to clock out and continue working in order to avoid creating a record that could force the organization to pay them overtime. Some of the workers that spoke with the Post said their managers often ordered them to stay past midnight.

Other employees allege that the Trump organization shaved two to four hours per week from the hours they worked officially. These illegal immigrants were hired on documents their bosses allegedly knew were false, in an effort to reduce labor costs.

A spokesperson for the Trump organization claimed the story was based on “unsubstantiated allegations from illegal immigrants who unlawfully submitted fake identification in an effort to obtain employment.”

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