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President Donald Trump’s recent appointee to the United States Federal Reserve, Judy Shelton, doesn’t seem to be working out, according to CNN

Trump tried to appoint Herman Cain and Stephen Moore to the high financial office in 2019, but both were ultimately forced to drop out after being humiliated on the national stage.

“Our government is promising so much to so many and at the same time we let the government control the value of our money and all of that would really go against the grain with our Founders -- who did not see it as the government’s task to supply everything to everybody,” Shelton said. 

“They saw the government’s task to be to protect private property and that’s why they wanted limited government because they knew,” she continued. “It’s just the nature of having power that causes people in power to abuse the privilege. I think we’re now at a point where we have to ask if we can even trust government to regulate the value of our money.”

Not only did Shelton denounce the financial institution for which she had been nominated, but she raised eyebrows when she suggested returning to something like the gold standard. 

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