Trump’s DOJ To Go After Christopher Steele, Author Of ‘Steele Dossier’

Screengrab / CBS News / YouTube

The Justice Department is expected to attack Christopher Steele, and challenge his credibility on Russia matters.

According to Politico, the Department of Justice will release a report on former British spy Christopher Steele, who worked on a dossier of President Trump’s ties to Russia.

Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz has been investigating FBI attempts to surveil a former Trump campaign adviser based on information given by Christopher Steele, who worked as a confidential source for the bureau since 2010.

Horowitz’s team has been focused on assessing Steele’s credibility. A former U.S. official believes that the Inspector General’s final report “is going to try and deeply undermine” Steele. Steele spent over 20 years working for MI6 and investigating Russia before starting his own corporate intelligence firm.

Steele’s 2016 dossier included incredible charges of Russian influence over Trump and his associates. Steele was hired by research firm Fusion GPS in 2016 to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

Trump and his administration claim that the FBI inappropriately “spied” on the Trump campaign by using Steele’s unverified information.

Last week Attorney General William Barr said that he thinks “spying did occur” in the 2016 campaign. He also said that Horowitz’s report “will be complete in probably May or June, I am told.” Barr is conducting his own review as well.

A member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said it would be more concerning if the FBI did nothing with the information that Steele provided. “Knowing everything the FBI knew as the Russians were interfering in the election,” Swalwell said, “I would rather see them, out of abundance of caution, open an investigation and follow concerning leads than to just say ‘well this is probably nothing.’” He added, “I would want accountability if they didn’t do that.”

After the dossier was published in January 2017, Steele briefly went into hiding but has since returned to his job at Orbis Business Intelligence in London.

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