Trump’s Choice For DNI Made It His Mission To Revive Germany’s Far-Right


President Trump's ambassador to Germany said he hopes to "empower" rightwing conservatives throughout Europe.

Richard Grenell, President Trump’s ambassador to Germany who has now been tapped as acting director of national intelligence, said in 2018 that he wanted to “empower” anti-establishment rightwing groups throughout Europe, according to The Guardian.

“I absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders,” Grenell told Breitbart’s Chris Tomlinson. “I think there is a groundswell of conservative policies that are taking hold because of the failed policies of the left.”

At the time, the foreign ministry of Berlin asked Grenell to clarify his comments while politicians criticized him for breaching diplomatic protocol.

“In the past, Germany was fortunate to have had great U.S. ambassadors who built bridges and did not do party politics,” said Metin Hakverdi, a Social Democrat delegate and member of the German-U.S. parliamentary friendship group.

“As a member of the SPD, a left party with a long proud legacy of fighting together with the United States, both Nazis and communists, I am irritated to hear from Ambassador Grenell about our allegedly failed policies,” he continued.

“U.S. Senator Chris Murphy said rightly that ambassadors are not supposed to ‘empower’ political parties. Ambassador Grenell is new on his post and I hope this irritation will not be repeated.”

Omid Nouripour, a Green MP and deputy chair of the German-U.S. parliamentary friendship group said: “The U.S. ambassador represents the American people, not just the readership of Breitbart. That’s why it is important that he conducts himself as neutrally as possible.”

Ambassadors subscribe to an unwritten code of conduct in which they must remain politically neutral. Their ambassadorial instructions, however, signed by the U.S. secretary of state, typically remain private.

Grenell will now move into the role of DNI, after Trump opted to replace current acting DNI Joseph Maguire.

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