Trump’s Approval Rating Craters To Lowest Point In His Presidency

The White House

Approval for the President stands at just 5% among Democrats and 35% among independents but 80% among Republicans.

The latest CNN poll on President Donald Trump's approval rating shows a steep downturn from January, again reaching the lowest point recorded since Trump took office.

At 35 percent, Trump's approval rating dropped five points from January to meet the same low he hit in December of last year.

The President also earns his lowest rating yet among Republicans, though he is still viewed positively among his own partisans. Overall, 80% of self-identified Republicans say they approve of the President, one point below his previous low mark of 81%, hit in late September of last year. Just 13% of Republicans say they disapprove of the President's performance. Approval for the President stands at just 5% among Democrats and 35% among independents.

During the polling period, the U.S. was embroiled in tense discussion of gun control laws, and the president offered his thoughts on possible policy initiatives to combat gun violence in America. But Americans were not overly impressed by Trumps managing of the situation:

Just a third of Americans approve of his handling of gun policy, 54% disapprove and another 12% say they have yet to make up their minds. Those who live in gun-owning households give him higher ratings than others: 52% in gun households approve of his work on gun policy; it's 17% among all others.

Other notable poll findings:

  • Trump's approval rating continues to hang well below the previous low of 42%, held by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter at this point in their presidencies.
  • Only 29% of women approve of Trump, compared to 42% of men.
  • Trump's approval among Americans under the age of 35 is 22%; Americans over age 50 stand at 43% approval.
  • 42% of white Americans approve of the job Trump is doing, compared to just 23% of non-whites.