Trump’s Anti-’Demon Semen’ Doctor Attempts Mass Exorcism Against Coronavirus

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Julie Zheng

Immanuel: We shall not die but we shall live to proclaim the name of the Lord in this nation.

Dr. Stella Immanuel, the owner of the Rehoboth Medical Center in Houston, Texas, a prayer warrior who called herself “God’s battle ax,” has publicly prayed against COVID-19 and declared that “hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax are the cure for COVID-19,” according to Charisma News.

  • In a podcast interview with Steve Strang, founder and CEO of Charisma Media, Immanuel said that the Lord showed her in March that “there were missiles being released from the heavens, and they were being shot at people, and they were dying.” Those prophetic messages have led Immanuel to call the COVID-19 pandemic a “spiritual battle.”
  • Immanuel also said that the Lord showed her a prophetic dream that she raised President Donald Trump from dead. “In that dream, I saw the president. The president had been beaten up and knocked down and laid out on the floor. In fact, I thought he was dead. … When I came up, and I saw him, and I called one or two other people, and then we laid hands on him, and we started praying … He rose up, and he stood tall,” said Immanuel.
  • Immanuel restated her belief that the pandemic will be cured, saying, “If people get hydroxychloroquine, the schools will be open, people will get back to business, this disease will be stopped in its tracks.”

"Satan, we bind you in your activities over this nation. All your minions, all the principalities ... darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places that want to destroy America, we command you right now to be destroyed in the name of Jesus,” Immanuel prayed at the end of the interview.

“We shall not die but we shall live to proclaim the name of the Lord in this nation. America will be alive again. America, you will stand again. America, you will serve God again. America, you will have revival.”

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