Trump Runs Away From News Conference When Asked Question About Sorting Machines

Screengrab / NBC News / YouTube


President Trump said during the news conference that he is encouraging people to "speed up the mail," not slow it down.

President Trump walked away from a news conference Monday morning when he was asked about the U.S. Postal Service removing mail sorting machines.

  • Trump spent several minutes discussing the Postal Service, insisting that his goal was not to interfere with the upcoming election but to improve operations at the federal agency.
  • The president also reiterated his claim that the USPS is being exploited by Amazon.
  • Asked if he instructed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a major Trump donor, to slow down the mail, Trump said, “No, not at all. I wouldn’t do that.”

“Now, I have encouraged everybody to speed up the mail, not slow the mail. And I also want to have a post office that runs without losing billions and billions of dollars a year, as it has been doing for 50 years.”

Trump then walked away as a reporter tried to ask about the removal of mail sorting machines and mailboxes.



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