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British commentator Katie Hopkins tweeted a post in support of President Donald Trump’s racist remarks and appraisal of the North Carolina crowd that chanted “send her back”, referring to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), according to Mother Jones

Katie Hopkins is among one of many supporters of President Trump. According to the president of the immigration advocacy group FWD.US, Hopkins is a pronounced anti-Semite and islamophobic. 

Hopkins, in an article for the Sun, had “compared migrants to cockroaches and suggested Europe should use gunboats to stop them crossing the Mediterranean.” She also paradoxically said, “I am not Islamophobic. Islam disgusts me. This is entirely rational,” following the tragic deaths of dozens after a truck drove into a crowd in Nice in 2016. She then called for a “final solution” for Muslims in her country in 2017.

In her tweet, Hopkins suggested a new slogan for Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign. “Send her back is the new lock her up. Well done to #TeamTrump,” she wrote. 

The president, in response to Hopkins’ tweet, said, “As you can see, I did nothing to lead people on, nor was I particularly happy with their chant. Just a very big and patriotic crowd. They love the USA!”

The North Carolina crowd had called for the deportation of Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was a Somalian refugee-turned-American-citizen-turned-member-of-Congress. 

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