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The White House has requested funding to renovate the West Wing in the latest coronavirus relief bill, according to the Associated Press.

  • The Trump Administration generated controversy when it requested $1 billion in the bill to rebuild the FBI headquarters, but the White House renovation plan, which costs $377 million, drew little scrutiny. The sum will go towards a new security screening facility for the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the White House complex.
  • The administration reported that the renovation in the West Wing would “increase the White House campus’s ability to detect, mitigate and alleviate external security and pandemic threats.”
  • The West Wing has not had a full renovation since 1933, though renovations have been planned through the years, they ultimately were delayed as no president has wanted to give up the Oval Office for the extended period of time necessary for work to be done.
  • Even if the funding for the renovation is approved by Congress, the project is still entirely dependent on the outcome of the November election and if the president at the time is willing to continue with the work.

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