Trump Remains Astonishingly Servile To Putin Despite Russian Hostility

The president continuously refuses to admonish Russian President Vladimir Putin for interfering with U.S. democracy.

President Donald Trump remains astonishingly servile to Russian President Vladimir Putin despite his repeated attacks on the United States and its closest ally, the United Kingdom.

Russia directly attacked U.S. democracy and continues to subvert American public opinion via malicious cyber campaigns that intentionally enflame U.S. political divisions.

In the United Kingdom, Russia is engaged in an open assassination campaign against those it deems dissidents.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May directly accused Russia of exposing 500 people to a nerve agent that was meant for the assassination of a former Russian intelligence officer.

The White House has yet to unequivocally condemn or respond to Russia's aggression against America's premiere ally.

In Syria, a Russian oligarch reportedly secured permission from the Kremlin prior to his mercenary force attacking a U.S. position.

Unlike Trump, the U.S. military responded forcefully, causing dozens of casualties among the Russian mercenary forces. Trump has yet to say anything on the matter.

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said,"the United States is under attack," by foreign actors, particularly Russia.

Defying all of this, the President has sought to reward Russia:

  1. Trump has declined to implement sanctions against Russia despite overwhelming bipartisan support for them.
  2. Trump has repeatedly implied that he takes Vladimir Putin's word over the U.S. intelligence community.
  3. Trump has sought to cooperate with Russia in Syria despite Russian interests being inimical to American ones.
  4. Trump openly pondered creating a joint-cyber security office with Russia despite Russian attacks on U.S. internet security.

Has there ever been an American President who has been this openly servile to a foreign enemy power?

No. There hasn't.

We must realize that there are no longer any innocent explanations for Trump's behavior.

Trump is serving the interests of Russia from the Oval Office of the White House.​