Trump Reiterates Support For See-Thru Border Wall

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

President Donald Trump is concerned that unsuspecting passersby might be hit by 60lb bags of drugs coming over the wall.

During his lengthy interview with the Wall Street Journal Thursday, President Donald Trump reiterated his support for placing a see-through wall on the southern U.S. border. Trump previously said seeing through the wall is necessitated by the potential for injury due to incoming bags of drugs that could hit people on the head.

"If you have a wall this thick and it's solid concrete from ground to 32 feet high which is a high wall, much higher than people planned," he said. "You go 32 feet up and you don’t know who's over here. You’re here, you've got the wall and there’s some other people here."

"If I'm standing here, I want to be able to see 200 yards out," he added. "I want to be able to see, I don't want to have a piece of concrete that I can't see."

At one point, Trump seemed to question his own line of thinking:

"Does this make sense or am I just wasting my time?" Trump asked, to which White House communications director Hope Hicks interjected, saying the see-through version of the wall is "what you've always talked" about and is "consistent with what you've always said."