Trump Raged At Staff After Learning His Political Enemies Wouldn’t Be Prosecuted

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Public Domain


President Trump reportedly flew into a rage when he learned that James Comey would not face criminal charges.

When President Donald Trump learned that former FBI Director James Comey would not face criminal charges, he reportedly flew into a rage in the Oval Office, complaining and cursing loudly, according to people familiar with the situation.

The Washington Post reported that Trump’s tantrum occurred after the Justice Department “determined it was not a close call and did not seek to build a case” against Comey for his handling of memos during the Russia investigation.

“Can you [expletive] believe they didn’t charge him?” reportedly said on the night the decision came down, sources told The Post. He “complained so loudly and swore so frequently in the Oval Office” that his behavior remained a topic of conversation among aides.

Trump also believed that Comey’s former deputy, Andrew McCabe, deserved to be charged for his handling of Russia-related matters. But the DOJ did not file charges against either man.

Although he has focused publicly on the case of his friend Roger Stone in recent weeks, the president is more angry about the Justice Department’s failure to prosecute his political enemies than he is their treatment of his friends and associates.

“In the president’s mind, it is unacceptable that people such as Comey and McCabe have not been charged, particularly if people such as Stone and Flynn are going to be treated harshly,” The Post reported from sources familiar with Trump’s thinking.

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