President Trump has agreed to plans that will decrease the number of US troops in Germany.

Despite bipartisan criticism, President Trump has decided to remove a significant number of troops from Germany. After a briefing from the Pentagon, Donald Trump decided to ignore worries that this action would weaken the US military's power to deter Russia.

"The plan to cut US forces from Germany, where there are currently some 34,500 personnel, has drawn opposition from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers as well as America's allies in Europe", CNN reports. Many Republican members of Congress have written to Trump with the aim of reversing his decision. "During a meeting with Trump last week, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that any withdrawal of US troops from Europe would be detrimental to security."

"The US military has stationed forces in Germany since the end of the Second World War and the presence of over 200,000 troops there on the front lines of the Cold War helped deter the Soviet Union from mounting an attack on NATO members."

Trump has been critical of Germany since he took office. In particular, he has slammed them for not meeting the 2% of GDP defense spending that is recommended by NATO. The US bases in Germany, despite being less important now than during the Cold War, are still used regularly due to their strategic location.

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