Trump Proposes Budget Cut To CDC As Coronavirus Infections Continues To Rise


President Trump proposed massive cuts to funding for the CDC and WHO despite the spread of the coronavirus.

President Trump’s proposed 2021 budget suggested massive cuts to funding for the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization as the coronavirus continues to spread, according to Forbes.

Trump’s proposed budget included a 16% cut to the CDC’s budget and a 10% overall reduction to the Department of Health and Human Services’ funding.

His proposal also called for a $65 million cut to the World Health Organization, which has an overall $4.8 billion budget and which the U.S. contributes about 2.5%. If enacted, the U.S.’s contribution would be reduced by over 40%.

Overall global health programs would see an additional 34% reduction, but Trump requested $115 million to be set aside for global health security for the purpose of combating “infectious disease threats.”

The coronavirus (which was renamed by the WHO as COVID-19) has not been declared a pandemic, but the group has called for an immediate $675 million investment in “rational and evidence-based interventions” to stop the outbreak.

The proposed budget is unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, which will ultimately decide how the funds will be spent, after various committees weigh in. 

The Senate Budget Committee said Trump’s budget would “destroy discretionary programs [by] cutting them by $1.9 trillion. THese are things like Section 8, Head Start, WIC, LIHEAP, public housing, NOAA, NIH, NASA, NSF, the CDC -- most of the programs that we think of when we think of what the government does.”

“Presidents’ budgets are a reflection of administration priorities, but in the end, they are just a list of suggestions,” Sen. Michael Enzi (R-Wyo.), who chairs the Senate Budget Committee said Monday. 

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Please see Agenda 21- depopulation. What’s happening is this. The Illuminati is in the process of implementing the New World Order to be put into place by 2030. Trump is one of their pawns. That virus was made in a lab and intentionally sent to the most overpopulated country in the world. China. I KNOW because the Illuminati contacted me 3 times to join them and the New World Order (NWO); offering me millions and millions of dollars to join them. I refused each time and now they’re angry with me. They are satanist. They own the Vatican (One World Religion), The World Bank, One World Government. See: Moorehead. Trump is their puppet. That’s why he’s cutting funding to the WHO and CDC. It’s their plan to kill off as many people as they can so the takeover will involve less people. I think there’s going to be one more virus set lose after the coronavirus. One worse. So bad that it will kill 1/3 of the worlds population. This is only the beginning people. BEWARE! and I’m very sorry it had to come from me. Now, because I spoke out, I’ll be back on the CIA hit list. Good luck!

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