Trump Property In Panama Was Linked To Drug Trafficking And Terrorism

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama City, Panama was reportedly linked to terrorism.

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama City, Panama was reportedly linked to international drug trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism according to report by NBC News.

While the building in Panama was not built by the Trump Organization, it bore the brand's eponymous name and the Trumps were reportedly involved helping sell its units.

According to a witness that spoke to NBC, Ivanka Trump was involved in the details of this particular development. He referred to the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower as 'Ivanka's 'baby'.

The location of Panama City, Panama is important to the story because Panama is considered an international hub for money laundering.

Via NBC News:

> An NBC News investigation into the Trump Ocean Club, in conjunction with Reuters, shows that the project was riddled with brokers, customers and investors who have been linked to drug trafficking and international crime. Ceballos (Mauricio Ceballos, a former financial crimes prosecutor in Panama), who investigated the project, went as far as to call the skyscraper “a vehicle for money laundering.” The investigation revealed no indication that the Trump Organization or members of the Trump family engaged in any illegal activity, or knew of the criminal backgrounds of some of the project’s associates. But Ventura (A broker for the Trump Ocean Club, is now a fugitive. In May 2009, Ventura was arrested in Panama for real estate fraud) said that the Trumps never asked any questions about the buyers or where the money was coming from.

Some of Ventura's brokers and clients at the Trump Ocean Club were members of Russian organized crime and other international organized crime groups.

> In the interview, Ventura admitted that some of his brokers and clients who bought and sold units in the Trump Ocean Club were connected to the Russian mafia and other organized-crime groups, including a convicted money launderer who moved cash for drug cartels.

Ventura sold 7-10 units to David Murcia Guzmán. Guzmán is awaiting extradition to the U.S. for money laundering on behalf of Colombian drug cartels and the terrorist organization, FARC.

> To cite one example, he said that he sold seven to 10 units in the Trump Ocean Club to a man named David Murcia Guzmán, founder of a large Colombian marketing company. Guzmán is now in U.S. custody, awaiting extradition to Colombia after being convicted by a U.S. federal court of laundering money for drug cartels, including through real estate. According to a Colombian news report, citing the police, Guzmán also had financial ties to the FARC, a paramilitary organization listed by the State Department as a terrorist group.

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