Trump Promised Undocumented Workers $4 An Hour, He Then Stiffed Them

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Trump threatened to have the men deported if they didn’t keep working.

Recently unsealed court documents reveal that President Trump used 200 undocumented Polish workers, paid as little as $4 an hour, to demolish a building in the location he wanted to erect Trump Tower.

In 1980, Trump enlisted the crew of undocumented immigrants to work back-breaking shifts that lasted upwards of 16 hours a day without gloves, hard hats or masks as they demolished the Bonwit Teller building on Fifth Ave., the New York Times reported.

When the immigrants stopped working because they were not getting paid, Trump threatened to call Immigration and Naturalization Service and have the men deported; but the workers hired an attorney and his efforts ultimately failed:

Despite claims he doesn’t settle lawsuits, Trump paid a $1.375 million settlement in 1998 — after the class-action labor lawsuit dragged on for 15 years, according to the court documents that were unsealed last week after nearly two decades.