Trump Pressured Australian PM To Help Barr Investigate Mueller Probe Origin

Shane T. McCoy/U.S. Marshals/CC BY 2.0


President Trump reportedly spoke with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison about cooperating with William Barr.

During a recent phone call with Australia’s prime minister, President Donald Trump urged the leader to cooperate with Attorney General William Barr in gathering information that might help discredit the Mueller investigation.

The New York Times cited two American officials with knowledge of the phone call as its sources, also reporting that the White House restricted access to the call’s transcript as was done with Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president.

The Ukraine call resulted in a whistleblower complaint against the president, which ultimately led to a formal impeachment inquiry in the House due to the abuse of power implications.

Another similarity between Trump’s call with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia and the president of Ukraine, The Times noted, is that both included the mention of Barr, whom Trump appears to view as “a critical partner in his goal to show that the Mueller investigation had corrupt and partisan origins.”

The president initiated the communications with Morrison in recent weeks “explicitly for the purpose of requesting Australia’s help in the Justice Department review of the Russia investigation, according to the two people with knowledge of the discussion.”

One of the sources said it was Barr who requested that Trump address the matter with Morrison.

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