Trump Plotting With Members Of His Own Jury As He Tries To Fix Trial Outcome

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/Public Domain


The president almost surely faces an impeachment trial in the Senate, and GOP lawmakers are working to protect him.

President Donald Trump’s White House counsel met with several Republican Senators this week to discuss the potential parameters of his increasingly likely impeachment trial in the Senate, according to CNN.

Pat Cipollone sat down with a group of lawmakers on Thursday that included Senators Mike Lee of Utah, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Ted Cruz of Texas to flesh out how a trial should be conducted.

In discussing how they can best protect the president, the GOP senators said allowing the Democrats to present their case in full would be the wisest move, according to CNN’s source. A potential timeline of two weeks was suggested as how long such a presentation would take, but that timeframe is not set in stone.

CNN noted that Trump himself remains a “wild card” in impeachment proceedings, and Republican lawmakers recognize that he will ultimately pursue whatever type of defense he deems warranted.

One Republican lawmaker told the news outlet that “right now conversations are happening to temper the expectations of the President as to what is possible. The case being made is that a full trial provides the President with the ability to clear his name and, the lawmaker notes, cutting off the process early could make it look like he has something to hide.”

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