Trump Plans To Declare National Emergency In Order To Impose Tariffs On Mexico

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A new declaration draft document shows Trump plans to declare a national emergency in order to place tariffs on Mexico.

President Trump is planning to declare a national emergency in order to impose tariffs on Mexico in response to the passage of Central American migrants into the United States through Mexico, according to a draft document of the declaration reviewed by The Hill.

The document states that the new emergency is necessary because of “the failure of the Government of Mexico to take effective action to reduce the mass migration of aliens illegally crossing into the United States through Mexico.”

Trump declared a national emergency in February that sent National Guard troops to help Customs and Border Protection agents at the Mexico border.

The draft document implies that the Trump administration believes that imposing the tariffs under the last emergency declaration would not be cleared legally. However, a final decision to declare the emergency has not been made yet.

Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico before, but these threats of tariffs and national emergencies have sparked widespread opposition in both Republicans and Democrats. Many believe Trump is abusing his power to declare emergencies and create tariffs.

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