Trump Plans To Attack Biden’s Family At First Debate

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain ; Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr (cropped)


President Trump's advisers say he is eager to launch personal attacks against Joe Biden at Tuesday's debate.

President Donald Trump is preparing to unleash attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden’s family at the first presidential debate this week, according to advisers who spoke with The Washington Post.

Trump has told associates he wants to talk specifically about his opponent’s son Hunter Biden and mused that the debates are when “people will finally realize Biden is just not there,” according to one adviser.

The president is so eager to lay into his rival that he has called aides to test out various attacks, focusing on broadsides that cast Biden as a longtime Washington insider with a limited record of accomplishment, said another adviser, who like many interviewed for this story spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly describe private talks.

  • Meanwhile, Biden and his advisers are preparing to counter Trump’s likely barrage of personal attacks with an affirmative case for a Biden presidency, The Post reported.
  • Biden’s goal is to maintain focus on two areas he blames Trump for worsening: the coronavirus pandemic and the country’s economic woes.
  • Some Biden advisers reportedly are nervous about the Democratic candidates response to personal jabs, worrying that Biden could lash out in anger.

“When you go at his family, he becomes hotter than hell, which is part of the thing I worry about,” said John Morgan, a Florida trial lawyer and major Biden donor. “I think what Biden has to be careful about is not letting his Irish temper blow when that happens.”

  • Apart from personal attacks, Trump reportedly is not taking debate prep too seriously, showing little interest in studious preparation.

“The president’s view is: He’s been president for four years, he’s been in training every day,” one ally said. “He thinks he doesn’t need any prep.”

Trump is not undergoing traditional debate preparation with someone playing Biden, according to officials with knowledge of his strategy; rather, he’s relying on a familiar coterie of friends and strategists.

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