Trump Pick For Science Adviser Claims Fossil Fuels Ended Slavery

President Donald Trump's choice for W.H. environmental policy advisor believes fossil fuels ended the U.S. slavery

Kathleen Hartnett White, President Donald Trump's pick for the White House environmental policy advisor, believes it was fossil fuels that ended the slavery in the United States, not the Civil War according to KUT.

In an interview with an Oregon Christian television station last year, she warned that solar and wind energy might “disfigure the country,” phrasing her argument in quasi-messianic terms. She has called CO2 "the gas of life," suggested fossil fuels helped end slavery, and co-written a book about the historical benefits of oil, gas and coal, called Fueling Freedom, which served as a polemic against Obama-era efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

White Believes that human-made CO2 is a boon to the environment, not a bane.

The notion that human-made CO2 is helping the environment is widely rejected by science –and by the author of that “greening” research Hartnett White cited. But she ultimately believes the science behind climate change itself is itself profoundly unsettled, going as far to suggest climate policy is part of a communist conspiracy.

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