Trump Pick For DC Court Of Appeals Is Critical Of ‘Dwarf Tossing’ Restrictions

Neomi Rao wants an America where people can freely engage in dwarf tossing and dwarves can consent to being tossed.

Neomi Rao, Trump’s Nominee to the DC Court of Appeals, criticized ‘dwarf tossing’ restrictions. She thinks people should be able to toss dwarves, and dwarves should be able to consent to being tossed. She has written her opinion on the matter in a blog post from 2011.

In some American states and in some parts of France, dwarf tossing has been banned because it is an affront to human dignity. Rao argues that these bans are an affront to individual liberty.

Dwarves have a right to be tossed, she insists.

Regardless of whether or not she’s right, it’s an strange and somewhat distasteful cause for her to champion as a federal judicial nominee.