Trump Personally Asked UK’s New Prime Minister To Help Discredit Mueller Probe

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Public Domain


President Trump's phone call to Boris Johnson took place just one day after he asked Ukraine's president to do the same.

Just two days after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took office in July, President Donald Trump spoke with him on the phone to offer congratulations on his victory — and to ask Johnson for help discrediting the Mueller investigation, according to The Times of London.

The phone call took place on July 26, just one day after Trump’s now-infamous call with Ukraine’s president and two days after former special counsel Robert Mueller told Congress his Russia investigation did not exonerate the president.

MarketWatch reported that “Trump has been characterized as convinced that the origins of the investigation lie in the U.K. and has even accused British agencies of spying on him, which Government Communications Headquarters dismissed as ‘utterly ridiculous.’"

Attorney General William Barr reportedly traveled to the U.K. after Trump’s phone call with Johnson, ostensibly as part of his quest to gather evidence that would undermine the Mueller investigation.

During his visit, the attorney general attended “a meeting of an intelligence-sharing alliance and told British officials of his suspicions about British agencies and their role in the Mueller probe,” MarketWatch reported.

Barr has also spoken with foreign officials in Italy and Australia.

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He is the one leader in the Western World I believe would cooperate with Trump. They are both a pair of sleazy POS.

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