Trump ‘Patriots’ In Palm Beach Are Ready To Die For Freedom To Not Wear Masks

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Palm Beach 'patriots' ranted about the "deep state" and "the devil's love" as they argued against wearing masks.

President Donald Trump’s supporters in Palm Beach, Florida, all but screamed at county commissioners this week during a meeting about mandating masks in public, with some residents going on about the “deep state” and “the devil’s love.”

  • According to The Daily Beast, the Palm Beach County board of commissioners heard from dozens of opponents of the requirement on Tuesday ahead of their vote.
  • One woman “began by saying she was American-born and was greatly distressed to see her constitutional rights being violated with no scientific proof,” adding that advocates for mask-wearing “want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out the door.”

“You’re all turning your backs on it. Can you prove that it’s good for people to breathe carbon dioxide over and over and over again? God made it so that we would breathe in fresh oxygen, to go to our body, to every cell in the body. It has to have that to make energy. When you wear a mask, the nose is cut off, the mouth is cut off.”

“And you’re breathing carbon dioxide over and over and over again. You’re not getting the fresh oxygen that God intended. You’re sending carbon dioxide to every cell in the body, polluting it. Especially the brain…”

  • Another witness, who “arrived in a wheelchair with two American flags and a ‘Reba for Congress’ message on the back” and whose campaign photos include one of her with Trump, said wearing masks should be an individual choice.

“Discriminating against certain groups of people while exempting others is a violation of your civil rights,” she continued. “Following World War II, we Jews said ‘Never Again.’… In Germany, Poland, and across Europe we were forced to wear a gold star, told to get on a box car to be taken to a safe place. In reality, what happened? If we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it.”

She concluded with the line: “This is not about health, this is about submission.”

  • And another woman told the commissioners, “I want to know who is getting paid off and where is the mandate coming from.”
  • She seemed more concerned about riots “spreading” than the coronavirus:

“Well, guess what, the riots are spreading, too!” she went on. “And what the hell are we going to do about that? We’re going to arrest patriots for not wearing a mask? That’s what you want?”

She had equated patriotism with refusing to wear a mask. Her closing exclamation came as no surprise.

“And I say Trump 2020!”

  • Yet another witness chimed in with grand conspiracy theories, mentioning 5G and “the devil’s love.”

“Every single one of you has a smirk behind that little mask, but every single one of you are going to get punished by God. You cannot escape God. You cannot escape God. I’m going to say that again. You cannot escape God.”

“Not even with a mask or 6 feet. OK, 6 feet is military protocol. You’re trying to get the people to train them so when the cameras, the 5G come out, when they’re going to scan everybody. We got to get scanned, we got to get temperatured, the kids have to go to school with masks.”

“Are you insane? Are you crazy? I think all of you should be in a psych ward right the heck now. Because none of you, none of you know what the hell you are talking about. This is insane. And then you want to open the meeting with a prayer to God. Are you praying to the devil? Because God is not listening to that prayer. Because all of you are practicing the devil’s love.”

“What happened to Bill Gates? Why is he not in jail? Why is Hillary Clinton not in jail? Why are all these pedophiles that are demanding you all to listen to their rules, why are they not in jail?

The Daily Beast noted that in the end, the commissioners voted unanimously in favor of requiring masks in public places.

Read the full report.

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I do not know how anyone can call themselves a patriot when they put their own wants before the needs of the nation. Not wearing a mask in public during a pandemic is a selfish act that endangers other citizens.


To whomever wrote this misspelled a word.

It's not P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S...the correct spelling is I-D-I-O-T-S


The only pedophiles so far identified have been repugliKKKlans. Same can be said about voting fraud.


If they are really serious about dying for freedom from wearing a mask, can they get it done before Election Day,


If they hate the idea of having to wear a mask, they will certainly hate having a respirator strapped to their face even more!

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