Trump Pastor Mocks Speaker Pelosi’s Christian Faith, Claims She’s A Hypocrite


“I just find this religion of hers kind of strange and certainly hypocritical in places," said Pastor Robert Jeffress.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, one of President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisers, attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s faith during an appearance on Fox Business, telling host Lou Dobbs her religion is “kind of strange” and “hypocritical.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Jeffress was speaking with Dobbs after having attended a gathering of evangelical leaders at the White House, where the group prayed for Trump in the Oval Office.

“I’ve never seen the president more upbeat or positive or focused than he was today,” Jeffress said. “And look, this impeachment farce, it isn’t paralyzing the president⁠. It is energizing him.”

The Trump pastor said that “the longer the Democrats want to drag out this impeachment farce, the larger his margin of reelection is going to be in 2020. The American people are with this president.”

Then Dobbs asked for Jeffress’ thoughts about Pelosi mentioning her Catholic faith when responding to a reporter from the right-wing Sinclair Broadcast Group who asked the Speaker if she hates the president.

“You know I find it interesting that she is so indignant about being accused of hatred saying that it goes against her Catholic faith,” Jeffress began. “Well, what about her belief in unrestricted abortion? That certainly goes against her faith, and she doesn’t apologize for that, she celebrates her belief in the murder of the unborn.”

“I just find this religion of hers kind of strange and certainly hypocritical in places,” he added.

The pair also discussed Pope Francis’ comparison of Trump to the Bible’s King Herod.

“Herod wanted to extinguish Christmas by getting rid of Christ before the first Christmas,” Jeffress said. “President Trump celebrates Christmas, has brought it back to the forefront of our country, and that means bringing Christ back as well.”



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