Trump Pastor: God Told Me That The FBI And CIA Spied On Trump


In the past, Pastor Frank Amedia also claimed that he stopped a tsunami with prayer.

During a “National Apostolic and Prophetic Gathering,” Pastor Frank Amedia said that God told him that the CIA and FBI bugged the White House before Trump took office. According to Right Wing Watch, Amedia was an unofficial go-between for the Religious Right and Donald Trump. In the past, Amedia claimed that he stopped a tsunami with prayer.

He now runs POTUS Shield, which is meant to be a “prophetic” network made to create spiritual warfare in Trump’s favor. Right after the presidential election in 2016, Amedia said, “God showed me the vision of the White House” and it was bugged.

“What I saw was that the entire residence, the Oval Office, and the areas of the residence of the president are bugged,” Amedia said. “And it’s bugged by the CIA and the FBI and the dark ops and I said, ‘They’re in a conspiracy to make sure that this topples.’ And I said that the Lord showed that it is even in the paint on the sides of the walls. I said that, ‘The Lord says not to trust the CIA, not to trust the FBI, nor to trust government surveillance to get it. Bring in an outside source, either bring in the Israelis or some outside source that you can trust and debug it, clean it, and don’t move.'”

“The president went into the White House for about one week and then he left for about three weeks, he went to New York,” Amedia added, “and they removed all of that stuff out of the White House.”

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