Trump Originally Called Reports Of Caged Children, “Phony Stories Of Sadness”

President Trump called reports of migrant children's suffering "phony stories of sadness and grief".

Last June, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack those who were sharing stories of migrant children being separated from their parents at the border.

After being separated from their parents, some of the children were placed in inhumane cages in warehouses set to freezing temperatures. Trump saw reports of these policies as personally threatening, so he did his best to denigrate and diminish them.

What these tweets shows is what Trump lacks: human compassion and empathy.

How does one grow so callous as to dismiss stories of human suffering as 'fake news'?

Trump lives in a world where only he is allowed to be the victim, where only he can experience unfairness. He has hired sycophants to maintain this illusion since early adulthood.

Hopefully, with Mueller reportedly close to ending his investigation, his privileged bubble is about to burst.