Trump Org Sues Estate Of Man Who Died In Trump Tower Apartment Fire

Screengrab/CBS Evening News/YouTube

Todd Brassner owed $90,000 in maintenance fees, according to the Trump Organization lawsuit.

The Trump Organization filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the estate of a man who died in a fire in his Trump Tower apartment this spring, according to NBC News.

The late Todd Brassner, 67, owed $90,000 in unpaid maintenance fees to President Trump’s flagship building, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court civil action filed on Tuesday by Trump Organization lawyer Sonja Talesnik.

Brassner died of smoke inhalation in the April 7 fire in his 50th floor apartment in the midtown Manhattan building.

Fire investigators determined the deadly blaze was an accident sparked by overloaded power strips inside Brassner's apartment.

The unit had no smoke detectors and lacked a sprinkler system — neither of which were legally required, since the high-rise opened in 1983, before such measures were mandatory on residential floors.

Brassner was an art aficionado and former art dealer for Andy Warhol.

Reps for Brassner's heirs could not be immediately reached for comment on Thursday.