Trump Officials Worry They’re Un-Hirable After Working In Trump White House

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Some Trump administration officials are wondering, "How much Trump stink is on my resume right now?"

According to The Washington Post, as President Donald Trump continues to slip in the polls, some officials in his administration are worried their association with the divisive and controversial president will harm their chances of finding good work outside the White House.

“Quiet conversations in Gmail are more active now than would be expected a month before an election,” said a senior Republican strategist who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations. “I have a buddy in the administration who is starting to quietly move his resume around and he’s noticed people who he thought would be quicker to respond to inquiries have been less so. He called it ‘the Trump stink. How much Trump stink is on my resume right now?'”

For those who have already left the administration, it is those who already had deep connections in Washington and steered clear of the more controversial issues that have landed well on their feet, according to the report.

Particularly problematic is having defended Trump on issues of race and immigration, The Post reported:

Republicans who now work with Fortune 500 companies agree that any public defense of Trump on race and immigration — the hot-button issues on which Trump has staked his presidency — are the most problematic public positions to have taken for those seeking corporate gigs.


The longtime GOP strategist who runs a public affairs firm that works with corporate clients recalled coming close to hiring a former Trump White House staffer until a Google search revealed the prospective hire’s track record defending Trump on race and immigration. It ground the interview process to a halt, the strategist said.

But none of this is likely a major surprise for anyone who teamed up with the Trump campaign or administration, a campaign staffer told The Post.

“A lot of people who came into this in 2015 and 2016, they knew that there would be a stigma going into this — and it’ll likely last for a very long time,” said a Trump campaign staffer. “Probably for the rest of their lives. I don’t think that’s lost on anyone. ”

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cry me a river... they made their bug infested beds - no sympathy here... oink oink is all I have come to mind. some will no doubt need legal bills paid and maybe even a trip or two from family to be subsidized by the prison system. They've been complicit... ask Sean Spicer.


OMG I was just thinking about this ! They're hiring over at the asparagus fields in California. Attire is casual ! :-p


There's cucumber field work available

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