Trump: Obama Should Have Prevented Me From Accepting Help From Russian Intel

Donald J. Trump / Twitter

In 2016, Obama asked congressional leadership to respond to Russian election interference.

According to Raw Story, President Trump deflected blame for Russian interference on to former President Barack Obama. Trump blamed Obama for failing to stop the interference in the 2016 election. This comes as special counsel Robert Mueller has accused Attorney General William Barr of deliberately misconstruing the findings in his report.

Trump tweeted: “Why didn’t President Obama do something about Russia in September (before November Election) when told by the FBI? He did NOTHING, and had no intention of doing anything!”

Actually, then-President Obama did ask congressional leadership to respond to Russian election interference weeks before the election. Unfortunately, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected the ask. McConnell threatened to make the issue a political weapon.

Although Mueller’s report does not charge Trump or his campaign with conspiracy with Russia, it does examine multiple instances of possible obstruction of justice carried out by Trump.

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