Trump: Nobody Has Done What I've Done For The Black Community

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Megan Everts

President Donald Trump recently claimed that his administration has greatly helped the black community.

During a Wednesday roundtable on race relations with prominent black leaders, President Donald Trump claimed that “nobody’s done anything like [his administration has] done” for the black community, as seen in a video posted by the Hill.

  • Trump specifically focused on criminal justice reform, mentioning its importance three times during the video, along with his work on opportunity zones.
  • Additionally, Trump stated that under his administration, the United States has had “the best unemployment rate in history.”

"When you look at how well the black community's been doing under this administration -- nobody's done anything like we've done."

However, at least one of Trump’s claims does not hold much truth.

  • According to a New York Times article, opportunity zones are poor neighborhoods that Trump wanted investors to pour cash into, “leading to new housing, businesses and jobs.”
  • In order to promote investment into opportunity zones, the article notes that the Trump administration implemented a “multibillion-dollar tax break.”
  • However, rather than money being poured into poor communities, it caused “billions of untaxed investment profits [to begin] to pour into high-end apartment buildings and hotels, storage facilities that employ only a handful of workers, and student housing in bustling college towns, among other projects.”
  • This did not benefit black communities, like Trump claims; rather, it benefited a small, select group of wealthy individuals — much like his massive tax cuts that only served to increase income inequality.

Trump is misrepresenting the impact of his administration’s work, and overall, his impact on the black community.

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