Trump: National Guard Stopped Protesters ‘Like A Knife Cutting Butter’

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President Trump said it was "a beautiful scene" to see the National Guard break up a protest in Minneapolis.

President Donald Trump said during a roundtable in Dallas, Texas, that watching the National Guard break up protests in Minneapolis was “a beautiful scene,” describing the act as a “knife cutting butter.”

“I’ll never forget the scene,” Trump said. “It’s not supposed to be a beautiful scene, but to me it was, after you watch policemen running out of a police precinct.”

The president went on to say that Minneapolis police were not permitted to do “what they were trained to do,” resulting in protesters burning down the precinct.

When the National Guard was sent in, Trump said, “it was like a knife cutting butter, right through … and yes, there was some tear gas and probably some other things, and the crowd dispersed.”


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trump didn't call out the guard the governor did. So shytstain is lying when he takes credit. It's amazing that Mr, "I take no responsibility" wants to take responsibility for assaulting our citizens


I enjoy watching anyone breaking the law and destroying my livelihood get what they got coming to them. I see it this way, I don't care who sent the police or military, I'm glad they did and I want to see way more of it.


Breaking the law? You must be talking about the police who rob,rape and murder. People have the right to protest and you don't have a right to tell black people how to protest over 400 years of brutality and racism. Those businesses that were damaged are not part of their neighborhood. You really think that Target or Macy's cares about black people? Read and educate yourself.

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