Trump: My Faith In Jesus Helped Get Me Through The Mueller Investigation

President Trump delivering a speech during a National Day of Prayer dinner.Screengrab / NBC News / Youtube


Trump claimed that God, not the actions of himself or his allies, guided him through the Mueller probe.

In a speech on Thursday, during a National Day of Prayer service at the White House, President Donald Trump said that his faith was what got him through the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian tampering of the 2016 election, Politico reports.

“People say, ‘How do you get through that whole stuff? How do you go through those witch hunts and everything else?’” Trump said. Looking to Vice President Mike Pence, he shrugged, “We just do it, right? And we think about God.”

And while the president thanks God for “getting him through” the probe, Democrats and critics argue that it is his cronies that are keeping him in his office. In the weeks leading up to the April 18 release of the redacted, 448-page report, Attorney General William Barr released his own summary of the investigation’s findings, despite objections from Mueller himself. Barr’s summary claimed that the probe did not yield sufficient evidence to charge Trump for obstruction of justice, but the full report revealed that this interpretation was incorrect. Rather, the investigation concluded that it did not find enough evidence to exonerate the president.

Going into the 2020 election, Trump will again appeal to the voting bloc of white evangelical Christians that carried him to the White House in 2016 over Hillary Clinton. His administration is staffed with outspoken Christian officials, most notably Vice President Pence.

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