Trump Mistook Archival Footage Of A Missile Launch For A Real Nuclear Attack

Sen. Lindsey Graham said President Trump once took archival footage of a missile launch for a real-time attack.

Many jokes have been made at President Donald Trump’s expense regarding nuclear launch codes or tweets that lead to the next world war, but according to Senator Lindsey Graham, those jokes might be closer to reality than most anyone finds comforting.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the South Carolina Republican said not long after taking office, he joined Trump for lunch at the White House where Fox News was on the nearby flat-screen television.

> Graham said the president had wanted to get his thoughts on national security, the subject that Graham considers his specialty. So, he told the president his two biggest concerns were Iran and North Korea, at which point, the television started showing archived footage of North Korean missile launches. The president, Graham said, worried that this was happening in real time.


> “That’s old footage, old footage!” Graham said he told him, laughing now at the memory.

That Graham finds humor in the situation now is of little comfort to those who remain concerned over Trump’s competency and judgment.

Graham has come under fire in recent months — and especially in recent days — for his odd subservience to the president, which betrays the lawmakers initial attitude toward Trump.

But he told The Post he is unconcerned — after all, someone needs to be present to let Trump know when the Fox News report he’s watching is simply recycling old news.

> Better to have someone whom the president trusts enough to listen when he talks sense. Someone to make sure he nominates Judge Kavanaugh instead of Judge Judy. Someone to make sure he knows when a rocket launch on TV is happening now or in the past. That is what matters, said Graham. Not what people say about him.