Trump Loses Nearly Every Matchup With Top Dem Candidates In Key Swing States


Three poll show Trump losing almost every matchup with top democratic candidates in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida.

Three recent polls showed most of the top Democratic candidates holding narrow leads over President Donald Trump in the key states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida, according to USA Today.

In Florida, which has determined the winner by slim margins in the last six presidential elections, former Vice President Joe Biden beat Trump 51.4%-48.6% in a hypothetical matchup, according to a poll from Florida Atlantic University.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) beat the president 52.9%-47.1%, while Sen. Elizath Warren (D-Mass.) led Trump by less than 2 percentage points, 50.8%-49.2%. The poll found former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg in a 50%-50% tie with Trump.

Like most of the country, Floridians were split on impeachment: 51% said the Senate should not convict and remove Trump in his impeachment trial, while 49% thought he should be removed.

In Wisconsin, a poll from a Marquette University Law School found Biden beating Trump 49%-45% and Sanders leading 47%-46%. However, Trump led Warren in Wisconsin 48%-45% and Buttigieg 46%-44%.

Wisconsin had voted for the Democrat in every presidential race since 1988 up until 2016, when Trump won the state. Democrats will likely need to win Wisconsin back to retake the White House. 

Michigan was also thought to be considered safely Democratic until 2016. Before the election, Michigan had voted for the Democrat in every presidential race dating back to 1992, but according to a poll from EPIC-MRA, Democrats have a fair chance of winning the state in 2020.

Biden would beat Trump 50%-44% if the election were held today. Sanders led Trump 50%-45%, Warren was up 48%-45%, Buttigieg led him 47%-43%, and Bloomberg beat Trump 49%-47%.

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In every poll mentioned, Sanders was the candidate who beat Trump by the largest margin. Why was there no mention?


In every poll Monday November 7, 2016 Hillary Clinton was favored to win by about 90% .

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