Trump Looks To Blame Travelers From Mexico For COVID Spike

Artivia Tahir

The White House is investigating travel from Mexico as a potential source for the increase in coronavirus cases

The White House is looking towards travel from Mexico as the potential source of rising coronavirus infections rather than the reopening of states’ economies, according to The Detroit News.

  • During a Thursday meeting of the White House coronavirus task force, the idea that travel from Mexico is contributing to an increase in cases was discussed at length.
  • States that are currently experiencing a spike in infections are California, Arizona, Texas, and North Carolina, particularly within the Hispanic community.
  • This led the taskforce to inquire whether legal travel to and from Mexico, which is experiencing a severe outbreak, is causing the rise in cases.

President Trump has gone to great lengths to seal the U.S.’ borders to legal and illegal immigrants amid the pandemic, but American citizens, permanent residents, and agricultural workers are still allowed entry.

  • The White House is also investigating a number of other potential causes such as delays in test reporting.

The Trump administration has long blamed Mexico for a number of problems, and this may just be another instance of using the country as a scapegoat.

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Header image: Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian / Public Domain


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