Trump Lifts Sanctions On Turkey After Threatening It With War Just Last Week

Screengrab/The White House/YouTube


Last week the administration said military action against Turkey was on the table. This week, Trump lifted sanctions.

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday morning that he is lifting sanctions on Turkey, imposed after the country mounted an offensive in northern Syria earlier this month.

According to The Hill, Trump said Turkey agreed to end its assault in the region and adopt a permanent ceasefire.

“Earlier this morning, the government of Turkey informed my administration that they would be stopping combat and their offensive in Syria and making the ceasefire permanent,” Trump said. “And it will be permanent.”

The sanctions will be lifted, Trump said, “unless something happens that we’re not happy with.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent his forces into northern Syria after Trump said he would withdraw U.S. troops from the region. Trump subsequently threatened to use military force on Turkey over the way it handled the offensive.

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