Trump Lied At Least 2140 Times During His First Year In Office

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

The days the president told no lies tended to coincide with days he went golfing.

According to the Washington Post's tally, President Donald Trump told 2,140 lies during his first year in office, an astounding number by any measure. The result is an average of about 5.9 falsehoods or misleading statements per day.

While the President is known to make outrageous claims on Twitter - and that was certainly a major source of his falsehoods - he made most of his false statements in unscripted remarks before reporters. Prepared speeches and interviews were other key sources of false claims. That's because the President relies on talking points or assertions that he had made in the past - and continued to make, even though they had been fact-checked as wrong.

There were a total of twelve days on which Trump told dozens of lies in one day, some of the more notable totals coming on campaign rally days:

On July 25, when he held a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, we recorded 52 claims. On November 29, when he spoke in St Louis, we counted 49 claims. On December 8, he touted Senate hopeful Roy Moore at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, and that yielded another 44 claims.

Were there days the president told zero lies?

By our count, there were only 56 days - or about 15 per cent of the time - on which we recorded no claims. These were often days when the President golfed.