Trump Judicial Pick Who Wrote Favorably Of The Klan Is Now At Justice Dept.

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William James

According to Brett Talley, the original KKK wasn't racist or violent.

President Donald Trump’s pick to sit on the US District Court for the Middle District of Alabama found himself tossed out after his previous comments lauding the Ku Klux Klan were uncovered by the news media.But Brett Talley – the 36-year-old lawyer with zero experience trying cases – didn’t retreat to his home state. He landed in the Justice Department, where as deputy associate attorney general at the US Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy he oversaw the unit in charge of vetting, interviewing, and evaluating judicial nominees .Via Mother Jones:

President Donald Trump has submitted 95 judicial nominations since Talley withdrew his own; 22 of those nominees have been confirmed. Among the 95 nominees are controversial picks such as Wendy Vitter, wife of the disgraced former Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) and a staunch anti-abortion activist, and Oregon prosecutor Ryan Bounds, who wrote a series of articles while at Stanford mocking multiculturalism and advocating for leniency for alleged campus rapists. Talley headed the Justice Department unit that helped select and vet many of those nominees. …

“That Talley was in charge of picking nominees might explain why the quality has been so low and their views so extreme,” says Caroline Fredrickson, president of the nonprofit American Constitution Society. “He obviously thought of himself as a good candidate and helped pick others in the same mold.”

And that mold is nothing short of bigoted and far-right:

[I]n his prolific comments on, Talley had not just posted about the Klan. He expressed extreme views on a number of subjects. For instance, he claimed that the Supreme Court decision in Miranda v. Arizona, which requires the police to inform people they arrest of their rights to remain silent and to be represented by a lawyer, was “made up” by the court and should be overturned by the Supreme Court. He declared the Mirandadecision, as well as Roe v. Wade, “indefensible.” In another post, Talley wrote that it would be “awesome” if Alabama brought back the electric chair.

Talley also wrote on the site, “There’s no comparison between Christians and Muslims when it comes to terrorism. There’s just not. There are terrorists who are Christians, but there is no organized Christian terrorist movement. Today, in countries around the world, the mainstream, dominant sect of Islam preaches the worldwide caliphate and the murder of nonbelievers.” During the Republican presidential primaries, Talley wrote that Trump was popular because he “says what everyone is thinking about Islam but doesn’t want to say.” ...

Writing as BamainBoston, he commented on everything from race to abortion. He disparaged Muslims, joked about statutory rape, and, most notably, wrote approvingly about Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. He defended the “first KKK” as something entirely different from the racist, violent organization it’s known as today.

Mother Jones notes that Talley may in fact still be gunning for a future judgeship with his latest move:

Though he had virtually no experience handling criminal cases, he is now working as an assistant US attorney in the eastern district of Virginia, prosecuting low-level immigration and drug cases. It’s just the kind of entry-level federal position someone aspiring to be a judge someday might angle for. A Justice Department spokesperson wouldn’t say why he made the job change, and Talley didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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